Who is the Tour Guide?

Hi, I'm Jamie! I am the owner and only tour guide of Midwest Paranormal History Tours.  I LOVE history, the paranormal, and Omaha! I work full time in property management, and am fortunate enough to give tours in my free time.

Are tours refundable?

No, these are small tours and tickets are limited. If you cancel for any reason, your ticket is non-refundable. The only exception is if I must cancel it due to severe weather.

What should I wear?

I ALWAYS wear sneakers. You will be walking on grass, dirt paths, rocky paths, rarely concrete! Pants are suggested (mosquitos). *I'll have bug spray on hand.

How scary are tours?

I never set out to scare people, no one is going to jump out or yell BOO! This is a historical tour - we talk about true crime and the paranormal.  I can't say no one ever gets a little spooked, but it can usually be explained by a squirrel running through some leaves. *****I do NOT suggest you bring your children. I don't want to and I will not scare children. AGE LIMIT OF 13+

Do skeptics go?

YES! I have had plenty of spouses and friends that came out of courtesy and had an amazing time! I do ask that everyone respects the opinions of others. I encourage all people to share their personal experiences and, and feel comfortable doing so.

What if weather ruins our tour?

I've been very fortunate with Mother Nature's cooperation. A light drizzle won't stop us. Thunder, lighting, pouring rain, and tornadoes WILL.  If a tour will be cancelled due to weather, I will notify you by 3pm day of tour. You may choose to reschedule or get a full refund.