Tour Synopsis

Cemetery Ghost Tours

Attendees do not learn the location of the tour until after purchasing – this is part of the fun! Doing this doesn’t allow folks much time to Google the history of the cemetery for themselves and potentially take out some of the intrigue out of the tour! We have experienced bizarre things at all three of these cemeteries while on tours.

How physically demanding are the tours? All cemeteries include walking in grass and on dirt – with a few inclines. Aside from my classroom settings, they are the least physically demanding tours I offer

Dark Side of the Stockyards

In this class, we focus on the nitty-gritty side of the Early Omaha Union Stockyards – injuries, accidents, working conditions, and more. Unlike my other tours and classes, we don’t really touch on the paranormal. If I had to classify this course, I would put it more under “true crime” and “dark history”.

Offered through MCC and is held at their Stockyards Campus

Fort Omaha Haunted History Tour

This is walking tour of the Fort Omaha Campus, and I almost ALWAYS go over the 90 minutes – there are just too many great stories to cut any out.

While I definitely sprinkle in some history of the Fort – this tour is primarily based on people’s personal experiences, and (of course) some old ghostly legends!

This tour is offered through MC

Haunted Hummel Hike

This is one of my most popular tours – and for good reason! We focus heavily on the paranormal and (of course) true crime. I can say with certainty that one of the scariest encounters of my life happened there.

How physically demanding is the tour? This is the MOST physically demanding tour I offer.  It includes stairs, inclines, and declines. While you do not have to be a triathlete, it is a hike!

Legends, Myths, and Monsters of Nebraska

We delve deep into a bunch of weird topics: aliens, ghosts, lake monsters, sasquatch, vampires, and more! Of any class I offer, this one gets the most interactive. Some of the greatest stories I’ve heard from folks have come from THIS class! You are among people that want to share, want to hear, and are genuinely interested!

This class is offered through MCC and is held at various campuses.

Spirits of Sarpy

Another one of my personal favorites! This location holds the trophy for being the only place where a group of adults RAN out of the woods.

The tour is about 50% paranormal, 50% true crime. We walk about ½ mile through the woods on a dirt path.

How physically demanding is the tour? While not as rigorous as Hummel Park, this location does have inclines and declines. You do hop over tree roots a few times. 

Squatchin' 101

We start off the tour by making little Sasquatch casts (because it’s fun). We then trek through the woods for the remainder of the tour, going into depth about “The Big Guy”. This tour often ends up being a partial Q&A session, which I invite and love. I also discuss the various sightings that have been reported in Nebraska over the years. The exact location is revealed once tickets are purchased.

How physically demanding is the tour? While not as rigorous as Hummel Park, this location does have inclines and declines and we are going through brush. 

History of Christmas Traditions


‘Tis the season! A glorious time of the year where we bring trees inside to decorate them, eat candy canes, drink eggnog, sing carols, hang stockings by the chimney and wait for Santa and his reindeer to come from the North Pole! Come learn the origins behind many of the traditions and rituals we perform every year around Christmas Time!

Call 531-MCC-5231 to register!